Sympa The School of Young Managers in Public Administration

SYMPA-6 met the "Georgian miracle"


20-23 May, the SYMPA-6 group was studying the major public administration reforms in Georgia. The extensive program included visits to the presidential administration, the ministries of agriculture, corrections, health, labour and social affairs, the national tourism agency, Tbilisi City Council, and the House of Justice, as well as meetings with experts in the field of energy, security and law.

Students of the School of Young Managers of Public Administration have seen the practical results of the reforms and took a chance to ask questions about the process, advantages and disadvantages, and the difficulties faced by the Georgian society in the reform process.

Despite some remaining challenges in domestic and foreign policy, the experience of reforms in Georgia can be assessed as very successful. As a result of the competent reforms, Georgia rises by leaps and bounds in a variety of well-known rankings (Doing Business, Transparency International, World Economic Forum, etc.), reflecting the increase in the pace of economic development and the reduction of corruption. The reforms of the police and the energy sector are recognized as the most successful.

The openness of Georgian officials, deputies and experts, their sincere desire to talk about the work they do, to listen to the views are marvellous and reassure that Georgia will cope with all the remaining problems and challenges.

In addition to official meetings, the participants of SYMPA-6 had a unique opportunity to participate in the conference  of the Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe (NISPAcee), held on the basis of the Caucasus University. The main theme of the conference was "Insourcing and/or outsourcing: How do they contribute to public administration reform?” Researchers and practitioners touched upon such related issues as big data, local self-government, e-government, public finances and public financial management.

SYMPA-6 has discovered not only the experience of the reforms, but the inimitable Georgian hospitality, architecture, history and traditions.

The next session of SYMPA-6 will be held in autumn in Vilnius and will be dedicated to the experience of post-Soviet transformation, modernization and organization of public administration in Lithuania.