Sympa The School of Young Managers in Public Administration

Rabava Natallia

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In 2003 graduated from the Belarusian State University (sociology) and European Humanities University (philosophy). In 2013 got and MBA degree.

In 2003 – 2006 worked as a national coordinator for Belarus in project of Danish organization SILBA. In 2006 – 2010 owned a consulting company. In 2007 – 2012 lectured in business schools in Belarus and Lithuania. In 2010 – 2011 worked in international department of the European Humanities University (Vilnius, Lithuania). Since 2008 – one of the founders and external expert, and since 2011 – director of non-commercial educational and research organization SYMPA/BIPART.

Scientific interests: public administration, civil society, social psychology. More than 100 publications (scientific articles, presentations, blogs).