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Is everything new well-forgotten old? Monitoring of Belarusian CSOs for the second half of 2022 has been published


In this research of SYMPA/BIPART which continues to monitor the situation within the sphere of Belarusian civil society organizations , we look specifically at this kind of “new” initiatives and organizations which emerged or were formed in 2020 or later inside or outside of Belarus and which, in one form or another, have survived until today. All of these organizations focus their activities on the Belarusian agenda and/or work with Belarusians.

We intended to answer the following research questions related to these “new” organizations and initiatives:

- Are there and what are the main differences between civil society organizations/initiatives that existed in Belarus before and after 2020?

- Is there an interaction between the supposedly “old” and “new” initiatives and organizations? If so, what are the specifics?

Also, in this study we repeated the questions we had asked in our previous monitorings about an overall assessment of the sector, its problems and needs, and relationships with donor organizations. The particularity was that the answers to the questions represent the perspective of “new” organizations and initiatives. However, as we will see, their views may well be extrapolated to “old” organizations.

The monitoring is available in our library (in English, In Russian).