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Research «Public Service in Belarus: Current Situation and Prospects for Reforms» has been published in English


The research «Public Service in Belarus: Current Situation and Prospects for Reforms» analyzes the Belarusian public service system based on the «Principles of Public Administration» developed by SIGMA. The authors assess the public administration practices adopted in Belarus, drawing attention both to problematic areas and to successful practices that can be used as pillars for reforming the public administration system.

According to the SIGMA principles, improving public administration practices is one of the key conditions for successful economic development and democratization of any country. To this end, public administration reform involves depoliticizing the public service, strengthening the autonomy of central and local governments, developing e-government, increasing the transparency and accountability of public administration, and improving public financial management. In the area of public service, SIGMA suggests six principles, any of which can be analyzed by a number of indicators. In this report, each chapter opens with the definition of the SIGMA principles.

The report also includes recommendations that can help take concrete actions to address some of the most important issues in public service development. The report is designed to foster dialogue on priority areas of public service reform.

The Research is available in our library.