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We have released research report «The situation with and urgent needs of Belarusian civil society organizations (CSOs) in political crisis»


We have released research report «The situation with and urgent needs of Belarusian civil society organizations (CSOs) in political crisis». Visit our library to read the report: In English / In Russian.

Research was conceived of and begun at the beginning of 2021, when it became obvious that the political crisis that started in Belarus after the 2020 elections was entering a protracted phase. The aim of the study was to analyze the role of both existing (and well-established) civil society organizations and new public initiatives that have arisen on the wave of protest, assess their potential, analyze the main problems they face, and identify their urgent needs.

The main empirical basis for analysis in this study include:

1. 5 semi-structured interviews with CSO activists focusing on the development of the third sector (March 2021);

2. an online CSO survey (23 April-24 May 2021, 62 questionnaires collected);  

3. 8 focus groups with representatives of different CSO sectors (19 April-12 May 2021, 67 participants total).

Since beginning this study the situation in civil society has undergone serious changes,

and the political crisis in the country is not only unresolved but is deepening further and further. In this regard, some findings required adjusting by the research team, considering new information and events that occurred after collecting empirical data. We also plan to regularly release an overview of updates on this subject.

It is also worth noting that this study is part of a broader study that describes other sectors of society, including media, new activism, diaspora communities, and business.