Sympa Школа молодых менеджеров публичного администрирования

SYMPA's statement on its recognition as an "extremist formation"


On June 12, 2023, our "initiative" was declared an "extremist formation" by the KGB. We consider this absurd, a continuation of unjustified pressure on the academic and research community, and yet another repressive measure against civil society in Belarus 

We urge those who have participated in our programs and events to take this information into account. We especially ask those who are in Belarus to do so. In order to ensure your own safety, we recommend:

- not to keep diplomas and documents mentioning our organization at home,

- to delete any communication with us both on email and social networks,

- to remove previous likes to SYMPA's or SYMPA-related posts on social networks and not to like any new SYMPA-related posts,

- to leave any groups and pages related to us and not to join any SYMPA-related groups,

- to use VPN when reading our materials.

We also ask everyone to evaluate their willingness to cooperate with us and participate in our programs in light of the new circumstances. 

We are grateful to all our participants, partners, and colleagues for their words of support and hope for continued cooperation.  

SYMPA has always been and will remain an educational, research, and expert project aimed at making Belarus better and its public administration system modern and of a higher quality.